We are Ace and Trinity and we are together and home at last!. Our Dad got in trouble, and we were left in a situation. We lost our Dad, our home and now we might lose each other. Fortunately, we were dropped off at Help for Homeless Pets and they wanted us to go together, as everyone wanted my smaller housemate, but not me. So, they called Pooch’z and asked if there was room? We were surprised when they came down, got to know us, and then took us home. I’m the tri-colored, handsome, 12-year-old, 103# Aussie mix. My sister is the sweet, cute,  8-9 yr old, 20# white Terrier mix. She is kind of a fussy eater, but I love food and finish my bowl at every meal. We spend lots of time together even though we have 15 new pack friends and I got to say, “We love it here, it’s home, and we feel lucky to stay together.”