A Home for Senior Dogs

Pooch’z B&B

Quirky K-9 Opens!

The moment we’ve been waiting for! Quirky K9 Grooming is open, and we love it! You got to see this place, it’s new, so comfortable, and familiar faces who take such great care of us. Way to go ladies!

Thank You for supporting us seniors with two complimentary grooming per month! ❤️ the Pack

Providing love, tender care, safety, good food and all the comforts of home


It’s all about US, the dogs! At Pooch’z B&B we are provided a safe-haven from life’s stormy situations. Each of our stories is different, but for some reason we had nowhere to go, shelter, food, or people to love us. Now we enjoy sunshine in the great outdoors, socialization, activity in the play areas, cozy beds, and love for the rest of our lives. We are happy and safe in our forever home!

meet the pack

  Look at our senior squad! Each of us has our own tail to tell! Get to know our journey and how we got to Pooch’z B&B by clicking on our photo!

News & Updates

Find out what’s going on at Pooch’z

Betty White Celebration Event | January 2024

Betty White Celebration Event | January 2024

Thank you to all who helped the seniors during the week of Jan 15th-19th for Betty White’s birthday event. She was a huge advocate for all animals but especially dogs. Your donations make it possible for the Pooch’z seniors to have food, meds and needed vet care...

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Holiday Giving Tree and Giving Boxes | December 2023

Holiday Giving Tree and Giving Boxes | December 2023

The holiday season was especially good to the senior kids and funds them into the new year with the essential needed items. The Giving Tree at Rimrock Mall and Giving Boxes, at various businesses for employee donations around Billings, were a huge success and provided...

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Oscar’s Park Christmas Village | December 2023

Oscar’s Park Christmas Village | December 2023

What a fun event to participate in! Pooch’z B&B sponsored the historic Church at Oscar’s by decorating it with lots of lights and a small nativity scene. Horse drawn wagon rides were taken through Old Town and around Oscar’s Park to add to the holiday spirit....

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Dreams coming true with your generosity

Help Support the Pack

Thank You for helping us! Your donation and continued support help provide and assure our well-being at Pooch’z B&B. Your gift, no matter how large or small, provides for our care, such as veterinary costs, medications, food, our home, and other needs. Our pack can’t survive without your support. You can also volunteer and come meet all of us!

A refuge for our old friends

All the best love & Care

The home and property is where we enjoy our days and feel comfortable. Each of us feels loved unconditionally, no matter what baggage we had previously or still struggle with. There are a lot of personalities, sizes and shapes around here, yet we have formed a bond and are a forever pack!


We are protected by a 6’ tall vinyl fence and have a locked double gated system for all our entry and exits. When volunteers take us for walks we wear harnesses, so we are safe and easily managed. The best part is there is someone here with us round the clock!


The kitchen is our favorite area of the house. We are fed twice a day and it’s good! Sandi uses PMI Exclusive dog food and tops it with her cooked chicken, beef, fish, or eggs. Our tummies are always full and we get treats too!



We go to the large play area several times a day. It’s fun because it offers lots of exploring for us. Occasionally we see a bunny and the chase is on! We have playmates called volunteers who walk us and love on us too! Sometimes they just lay on our beds with us.


It is the biggest and best part of our day! We are all held, played with, walked, groomed and we can sleep anywhere. Naturally we prefer sleeping with our human pack of course. We are loved and cared for when we are sick, or just need some special attention.

Living our Dream

Our Story

WE ARE A FAMILY PACK!  After being in healthcare for 30+ years, we decided to pursue our dream and increase our family by helping senior dogs. We united financially and purchased a suitable property that would house us and many senior dogs in need. It’s a safe-haven for those seniors who encounter the stormy situations that life throws at them. It takes a village to help those seniors who are abandoned, abused, hungry and homeless. Please join our pack!

A refuge for our old friends

How you can help

Join the pack. Donate your time, money, or resources to help these furry friends live their best lives. Especially in their final days. 


Every dollar counts to help us. We appreciate every bit! 


Help walk the dogs, clean, or just give them some love. 


Become a corporate sponsor to sustain our residents!


Join us and support us by coming to our events.