12 years & 10 years young

We are Candy and Goldie! I’m a 12 yr old Australian Shepherd and Goldie is my 10 yr old bonded sister. I think you can tell she is a purebred Springer Spaniel. She like to be pretty and I like to get out and play in the mud! Our parents both passed away at the end of last year and we needed an immediate placement after Christmas. The nice ladies at BARK and Freckles and Tomcat,  were full but they knew just where to call….Pooch’z B&B. We got pick up and started living there Dec 27th, 2020. We love it here and have adjusted well with our new pack. There is lots of room to run, play, and we both try hard not to step on the little pack members, but we get so excited it just happens. We miss our family, but we have a nice home filled with a new family and lots of love!