Tillie – 11 years young

My name is Tillie and I am the Princess of the group here at Pooch’z B&B! Bowie pretty much has told our story, but I just want to say that I love my forever family and home. As an Eskie-Pom, I follow my mom, everywhere. She says I’m a bossy barbie because I bark so much, but really, I’m like her….I just like to talk a lot and keep everyone on their toes! Maybe that’s why I’m called Ms. Tillie Toes! I love walks and to be petted. I should be a dog model, as I love to have my picture taken. My Dad tells me I’m special. I know it because I’m loved! Just wanted to mention my birthday is Oct 31st,  so you are welcome to shower me with gifts.

Bowie – 11 years young

My name is Bowie and I have a sister Tillie that looks like me only smaller and she is cute, but not handsome like me! Tillie and I lived in Philadelphia. Our parents worked in the city, therefore we were at home up to 12 hours a day alone, so they surrendered us to a place called Francisvale Home for Small Animals. We were scared we were going to be split up, and we had problems, like no potty training, and I was afraid of men. Then they told us, we were getting adopted by this couple from Montana and they were adopting us! We were so excited on November 18, 2016 when our new parents, Bill and Marge, picked us up. We traveled across the US in a car and really bonded with them. Now we are going on 11 years old and we have lots of senior dogs to play and hang out with at Pooch’z B&B. Everyone is envious of my under-bite and how much I smile, but I am just naturally happy now!