10 or 11 years young

Howdy Ho, my name is Bo and I’m a Maltese mix and I used to live in the Rawlins WY area with my owner. One day, my human didn’t come home, and the neighbors called the nice people at Animal Control. They tried to adopt me out, but there was no interest, until a nice lady in Shoshoni forwarded my information to Pooch’z B&B and they said YES! I had a long car ride and when I got to Billings I walked in and was so happy to be with so many housemates. I fit right in and I love it! Despite my old man warts (I’m 10 or 11 yrs old) and my occasional love snaps at the vet, or when I don’t want to do something, I’m the most loving and spunky senior. I’m enjoying the yummy food, comfy beds, and grooming. (Marge is working on getting the final mats out of me so I can grow out my curls to cover my body this winter.) I’ve got to say, I like the sweaters and coats they put on me when it’s cold out!