Cooper: Gym dog, Protector, Mountain dog, my faithful companion – he never met a UPS guy that he liked!

Cooper found his forever home with us in March of 2015 via the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. They said he was ‘about’ 2 years old, and he had been there for about 6 weeks. It was love at first sight and I promised him that he would live a fun and adventurous life with us and would be ‘unleashed’ as much as possible. Turns out there were too many adventures to count that Cooper and I shared. His traveling hiking treks took him to all over Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and Canada. He was truly the best dog that I’ve ever had, and he LOVED his pack. He left us suddenly on June 16 to continue his adventures and to be unleashed forever.

He is missed every day…
Suzie & Karen