My name is Kallie and I’m around 8-9 yrs old. My good friends at Dog Tag Buddies reached out to Pooch’z and they were able to squeeze me in! I’m a big girl, about 113 lbs, but full of love. My Mom, a veteran, had to leave town because of an unsafe relationship for her and me. Dog Tag Buddies housed me with the help of Thunder Ridge Kennels for 2 months but I need a permanent home now. I got to meet 11 pack members on Sat Nov 4th and they liked me. Tuesday I went to see Dr. Patty and got spayed and she removed 6 tumors. They tell me I have to stay in a separate area until I heal up. I’ll be patient but really want to be with the pack. How long is a week? It seems like forever. I’m getting lots of visitors though and I love going to the fields here. Stay tuned to hear more of my adventures. Thank you for supporting this Senior dog home, you’ve made me so happy to have a forever home to live out my remaining years. Oh house Mom and Dad said I get to ride to the dump today. What more can a girl ask for!