Marty 2022 Update:

Hey, it’s me Marty and I finally get to hit the website. I’m 10 years old now and I gotta admit I had a few problems when I arrived at Pooch’z, I was a bite risk, but that’s all in the past – I went to Prison Paws and graduated top of the senior class! Gotta be honest, I fell in love with Becky, my trainer, and I was the only senior in the class. I’m trying hard and so far, so good! I have two buddies that I room with here at Pooch’z. Rusty and Billy (the Big Guys). The food is great here and once a month I get to go see Becky and get groomed. Life is good and I think I’m going to be a lifer at Pooch’z B&B!

Marty: 2021 Arrival

I’m Marty (formerly Goober) and I came to Pooch’z B&B on July 20, 2021. My birthday is March 12, 2012, so I’m 9 years old. My Dad passed away and my human sister took me to Miles City. I got out of the yard, ran around town and when animal control captured me, I bit him. Oops…A rescue lady, Tracy, called Marge and she sent 2 volunteers to rescue me. I instantly bonded with Rusty and after 3-4 months, Marge could see I needed some training in basic commands and confidence so that I wasn’t so fearful. She sent me to Prison Paws, a training program at Montana Woman’s Prison, where I was their first senior dog. I loved my trainer, Becky! Now that I’m back at Pooch’z B&B, I’m happy and more confident with all the volunteers and Marge. She says I’m a good boy and I like that because I have a new lease on life.