Hey there, it’s Bailey and Bandit (aka Thelma and Louise) and we’re the June Cover Girls. 

We are half– sisters, born 3 months apart and we share the basement apartment at Pooch’z B&B. Our previous humans lost their farm land and home, so we could no longer stay with them. We were left at Help for Homeless Pets. The staff knew the possibility of anyone adopting 2 big Auzzie girls as a bonded pair was close to nil. Fortunately, for us, they called Pooch’z B&B, told them about our circumstances and predicament. They came to pick us up the next day. 

When it was time to be introduced to the pack, well, that didn’t go so good! Boy dogs are not our favorite and I acted out—me, Bailey, 85 pounds of Mama bear. Well, to our surprise we weren’t returned. Instead, we got the basement apartment with a separate entrance to a huge yard. It works for us. There are still treat jars to demolish and empty (when left out), toys to destroy or love and carry on walks, and rainy days with puddles to enjoy. 

Volunteers take us for 1 to 2 mile walks almost every day. We get brushed, loved on and read to by these nice humans. Our home is great and we truly try to stay out of trouble, but trouble is kinda fun, and makes life way more interesting. 

Love to you all, 

Double Trouble—Bailey and Bandit