8 years young

Hi I’m Mama Bailey and I speak for me and my sister Bandit and this is our story. We were ranch dogs but were surrendered to Help for Homeless Pets when our family had to move. We didn’t want to be separated because we have been together since birth. Thank goodness for Pooch’z B&B, who came to rescue us. Of course, we were nick-named Thelma and Louise by a Board Member, as we are a bit wild and lawless. Since coming here on June 15th, we’ve begun to learn manners. I tell my sister Bandit, “Don’t jump out that window with the screen to get outside, we need to wait until they let us out!” Do you think she listens to me? No, not once but twice in the same day! Our new family has been so patient with Bandit and well I guess, me too. I tend to push my weight around and want to be the leader, because I was a mama dog in the past.  Marge says she’s the leader and makes us mind most of the time! Bandit and I am learning every day and we love it here at Pooch’z B&B.