Billy – 2022 Arrival and Update

I’m one of the big guys, it just my bone structure! I’m Billy and I’m a Retriever, Chow mix. I was found at a gas station in Shelby and the people at Prairie Oasis Animal Shelter got me fixed up health wise, put 15 lbs on my bones, and looked for a good home for me. When they brought me to Pooch’z B&B on February 21st, 2022 I was excited. Rusty, Marty, and I are roomies and we have our own yard. Walks and trips to the field are my favorite things to do. I love the food here and the treats are yummy. Since being at Pooch’z I’ve gained an additional 10-15 lbs weighing in about 90 lbs now. I look healthy now for being between 10-12 years old. My behavior record is a little questionable at times, so I’m on some pain meds that are helping me. You see I have bad hips but I plan to stay at Pooch’z and be good for the rest of my days. They just watch me closely.