Hi! It’s Bo and I’m the April 2023, Pooch’z B&B calendar senior. I’m a 20lb Maltese, white, born approximately in 2010, (no one had any records regarding me). I came to Pooch’z B&B on October 25th of 2020, and that’s the day I choose to celebrate, as my birthday. My former human was incarcerated and I was placed at the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter. Then Pooch’z got wind of me. Odd, how much your life changes with the circumstances of a loved one and not of your own doing. 

I was chosen as the April calendar picture for a several of reasons: 

• I always have a smile. I didn’t let the changes or situation happening in my life get me down. I remained positive and happy

• I have ears, a little like the Easter bunny. When I run they stand up and you’d think I could fly. 

• I have a wiggle in my walk, pep in my step and I try not to let old age, it’s aches and pains, ruin my happiness and joy. 

Life is good and my Easter basket is overflowing with all of life’s wonderful blessings: Love, friends, food, shelter, and safety. 

Who would have ever thought, I would end up having it all!