Hi there, It’s Candy and I want to tell you a bit about Goldie’s and my life story to this point. 

2020 was the year we lost both our humans—Mom in September and Dad just  prior to Christmas. What heart break, not once but twice. The kicker is, that no one wanted or could home the two of us. We heard talk about having to be split us up, if worse came to worse, and no hearts or home could be found big enough for both of us. Bark in Billings and Freckles & Tom Cat of Hardin, had taken us in, but because of their overcrowded situations at both rescues, they gave Pooch’z B&B a call and explained our special need of a forever home together. Marge drove to Hardin the day after Christmas and picked us up. We gelled with the pack immediately and the rest is history. 

I was born March 13, 2009. I am a tri-colored Australian Shepherd, extremely affectionate, have a loud bark, like to look out the front windows (someone might be coming ) and a have night time running disorder ( it’s really is a pain and noisy). Recently, I had a lymphoma removed from my shoulder and things don’t look so good, but at least Goldie is with a loving family now and that means the world to me. 

Goldie was born September 11, 2010. She is kinda the fun police, but she loves deeply. She definitely is the boss and takes care of things. She is a English Spaniel and is beautiful, always watchful and her bark is big—but she never bites. 

Can’t tell you how much love and joy we’ve experienced the last two years. Our pack and humans are wonderful and being together is the biggest blessing of all. 

Have a wonderful New Year, and remember your heart is bigger than you could ever imagine.