My life was forever changed on June 8, 2020, when I came to live and be part of the pack at Pooch’s B&B.

I had been loved previously, by a family and had two housemates. Suddenly, everything changed and the three of our lives were turned upside down. Our family could no longer stay in the house we’d been living in and they couldn’t find any place to rent that would take 3 dogs. We were placed at Help for Homeless

Pets. My housemates were much smaller than me. I was a whopping 135 lbs. St. Bernard, Heeler mix and eleven years old, to boot. I’m big and I hardly fit in the kennels. My 2 housemates had already been adopted. I was lonely and sad. My mind jumped to the worst scenario, as I didn’t know that Help for Homeless Pets was a no kill rescue. Do you know, that only 25% of old dogs ( 7 up) get adopted? If no one adopts you, well, you cross the Rainbow Bridge. I didn’t even have someone to be with me or kiss, pet or comfort me, if that was to take place. The only thing I had going for me was, that I wasn’t a black dog. They are, usually the last to get adopted. Well, enough gloom and doom and letting my mind go to the darkest of places.

On June 8th, three people came to pickup the bonded pair of Auzzie’s. Thank God they walked by me. They stopped and I could hear them asking questions about my situation, but then they continued to the back area. It was a cold, wet day and my spirits were about the same. Then those 3 people came out of the back area and I heard them say, “He’s coming home with us, too. All of a sudden I was headed out the door and into a new life. I am so lucky, as there are so many old dogs just looking for their last chance to love, and be loved. What a gift when your dream comes true.

I Give Thanks Every Day for:

  • A wonderful Pack & Humans that love me
  • A home/shelter from the cold
  • Plenty to eat and drink
  • Pets, hugs, and kisses
  • Walks in the field and surrounding area
  • Medicine to help with my pain
  • A job— helping show the community, old dogs can be useful “ I’m the Director of first Impressions. I love my job!
  • Leading the pack, watching over the newbees, so they know they are safe and home
  • That my final days have been filled with everything I needed and could hope for

My Prayer and Wish List!

  • That everyone would treat and think of all living creatures/animals, not as a possession, but as a loved one, an essential part of their life and not something to be easily disposed of when an obstacle in their life arises.
  • That everyone would have a plan or directive for their beloved pet. You would do that for your children, why not us? This could and would help, at least in some small way. These pets would have a home, somewhere to go and mourn their loss, continue to be loved and cared for.
  • Shelters, Rescues, etc would be empty, because our humans loved us enough to plan and protect us.
  • That Human Hearts would be opened by love, that they would see themselves in our position, and there- would be that special someone who would love us, adopt us and rescue us.