Hi, it’s me, Fletcher—Mr. February in Pooch’z B&B 2023 calendar.

I’m probably, the most blessed dog at Pooch’z. I didn’t come from a shelter/rescue where someone just dropped me off, for one reason or another, or didn’t love me enough too do what was best and right for me. My former human, La Jean, had to go into an assisted living facility and couldn’t take me with her. She had friends that knew Marge, Bill & Sandi and that they were getting a senior dog forever home established in the near future. They asked that I be placed a little early and funny thing—they said yes! Bowie, Tillie, Tooko, Tonky, Roxy and I became great friends and helped start the Pack at Pooch’z B&B. Tillie and I are the only 2 original pack members remaining, but with every loss and heartbreak, we’ve gotten to experience a new friend in need and be there for them.

I will be 13 on April 7th. Wow, I’m getting old, but still got a lot of spunk. I run to the field almost every day. I love to hear them hollar—go, Fletchie go. I can’t run too fast, as I am a little pudgy (12 lbs.). I’ve been told by the food monitor, that 2023, is watch what you eat and don’t be stealing from someone else’s bowl, year. I’m a long haired chihuahua, black, love everyone and I purr a lot, as I have a lot to say.

I’m loved, happy, content and needed. Yes, I am very blessed. I love it here, the pack and my humans.