10 years young

Hi my name is Ki, and I’m the gentle giant around Pooch’z B&B!  I was surrendered to Help for Homeless Pets with my housemates. My family had lost the lease on the house and couldn’t find a home for all of us. We all got adopted within a few days, and although I don’t know what their new families are like, I scored the best place here at Pooch’z B&B. I walked in and instantly loved and herded all the littles here. I have a great job and that makes me happy. My smiles are genuine and my heart is filled with love for everyone. I think they call me The Director of First Impressions except when I’m getting my belly rubbed. I flail around a bit and it’s not very professional. I’m just a little dog in a big body, but I protect all when going to and from the field and on walks. My personality is kind and gentle, but the bigger dogs think I’m intimidating and try to boss me. So, I just stay inside with the littles where I’m best suited.