It’s me, Jasper.

I’m the September cover of the 2023 Pooch’z calendar. Instead of talking to you about me–cuz you can read my bio on the website–I’d like to talk to you about something close to my heart, my friendship with Bear. Ever since he got here on May 18, 2023, we have been the best of friends. We have a lot in common, starting with dementia. I guess a lot of old dogs get it, but it sure is nice to have someone with you when you can’t find your way. Bear is always there. We do everything together: go outside, play in the yard, and sleep close to each other.

It’s hard to grow old, loose your way, and try to remember all the things you should and shouldn’t do. A best friend makes life so much better, cuz you’re never alone. Who would have ever guessed that two old dogs in bad situations would meet and be given such a wonderful gift at the end of their lives.

Be sure you say I love you to someone special today!