12 to 13 Years Young

We were the three brothers that started it all. In July of 2003 we were all picked up in Colorado as puppies, and I, Juneau, got taken by Marge to MT and given to grampa, Jim. In route, she had Bill and his mom, Frankie meet me. They like me so much, they called to adopt my brothers Adak and Kodi. Jim loved me and we went everywhere together. I helped him drive as I was the co-pilot. Sandi played with me and chased me when I’d get out of the yard. She was good to me, so when Grampa Jim passed, I stayed with her. We had lots of fun together and traveled all over doing health fairs through wind, snow, rain and sunshine, I was her co-pilot. In 2015, I got anal cancer, not once but twice and I knew, as Sandi did, I couldn’t go on so I crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday of Labor Day weekend and got to see my Dad, Grampa Jim. Hey it’s us Adak and Kodi! We loved our puppy years in Johnstown CO and Marge would come visit us. We would sneak in her room and steal her Victoria Secret bras and play with them in the yard. When Dad and Marge got married, we moved to Denver, and because we didn’t like to be alone while they worked, we chewed up the furniture. They loved us through it all. We all moved to MT in 2006 and we got to see Juneau regularly for play dates. We traveled with our parents and met lot’s of people and protected the car for them. Gramma Sandi, took care of us when we got too old to travel, but we still went to work daily with her. In Oct 2016, we were both tired, had trouble moving around, and Mom and Dad knew that the winter was going to be too hard on us, so we crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Oct 7th. Juneau and Gramps were there to greet us and now our family is growing with everyone from Pooch’z B&B.