19 Years Young

I wandered onto the deck of Jimmy Bell’s house in Murfreesboro, TN lost and scared.  I never left his porch, hoping he would take me in, and He did! He named me Poochie Pie. Jimmy rolled in a wheel-chair so I always followed and became his companion dog. Sandi, Jimmy’s aunt, got to know me through visits to TN and always I had a special connection with her. Jimmy and I moved to Billings in 2014 and he had some extended medical stay’s, so I stayed with Sandi and when Jimmy saw how much we loved each other he gave me to her. I had the best of both worlds! I had the best life with Sandi, Marge, Bill, and Jimmy. After my 19th Birthday, I became very tired and my health started to slip. The family decided it was my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, but they promised me that someday they would start a senior dog home for Pooch’z like me, in need of love, care, a roof over head and good eats. They did it, and they named it after me, probably because I liked Bed and Breakfast, and of course car rides!