12 Years Young

I was surrendered to Dr Bruner because I had lots of medical issues that my family couldn’t afford. I lived with his family for a few weeks until they found the perfect home for me on March 13, 2017. He knew that Sandi, Marge, and Bill would be so good to me. I didn’t have a lot of hair at the time, due to steroids, and I had anxiety due to my airway and my heart condition. Sandi made sure I ate right, took my meds and Pooch made me play. We even took buggy rides together when the walks got too long. I lived for 3 wonderful years with the family and enjoyed going to the office daily, going on walks, sleeping in dog beds, and being with my pack. (They all envied me because I was so pretty) On March 19th, I started having trouble catching my breath, so they tried giving me a steroid shot, and Sandi held me all day but she knew it working. Sandi, Bill and Marge rushed me to the vet’s office, and they gave me oxygen, but it was my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge and be with Pooch. I’m in a good place with no pain, and I run hard without having breathing problems, but best of all, I’m with my friend Pooch!