Hey, It’s me Rusty, the big red heeler. They call me Big Red or Longmire, some-times. Guess, it’s cuz I’m a farm and ranch dog and the cowboy, just naturally comes out in me. 

I came to Pooch’z B&B, May 25th, 2020, from Staffords in Livingston, MT. My human passed and I was placed there, adopted and returned twice. I couldn’t help that I peed a lot, as I was never a house dog and I have a form of diabetes that makes me crave water (at least 1 gallon per day). I’m 16 years of age, I don’t look it though and certainly, don’t feel that old. I take lots of walks with special volunteers and Marty, my roommate. We cover 1-2 miles. I also, go to field and play twice a day with the pack. I will say, naps are great throughout the day. You should try one. 

Pooch’z made special arrangements for me and Marty in the garage. We have our own yard and entrances. We are really in the know, as we can see everyone as they come and go. Life doesn’t get much better than this… Oh, did I mention the food is great and always on time. I even managed to drop those unwanted 10-12 lbs. 

All jokes aside, I’m livin my life to the fullest and count myself, a Mighty Lucky Dog.