Hello Everyone,

It’s Tillie, the Snow Princess, or Miss March! This is my story and I’ve added some special thoughts on a few subjects close to my heart.

I was born October 31, 2009, in Philadelphia, PA, along with my brother Bowie. We were a pair. Inseparable and then Bowie passed away June 14, 2022, very suddenly. I don’t know if I would have made it alone. The pack has been great, my humans, too. You can never have too many hearts that love you.

Marge and Bill really missed their babies, Adak and Kodi, they were litter mates too. When they saw us on Facebook they decided we were the ones. They drove to Philly and adopted us on November 16, 2016, from Francisvale. We were cute, but didn’t have glowing reviews, as we had been left alone 12-14 hours a day, never potty trained (we used a pad) or socialized. I barked a lot, because I wanted someone to hear me, give me a little attention or know someone was close by. It could have been worse, as we were warm and well fed. Fortunately, for Bowie and me, our first humans decided to give us away. The rest is history. With lots of love and patience, we became the Dream Team, Marge and Bill knew we could be. Okay, I still bark, but no one is perfect!

One last thought… Bonded pairs are just that. We love each other so much. We are family, so to split us up is just wrong and cruel. Which one of your bothers or sisters, mom or dad, would you have chosen to part with, rehome or give away because some- one new had come into their life and didn’t like or want you?

Have a great March, stay warm and remember your heart and home are as big as YOU choose for them to be.