12 Years Young

I was adopted by my Dad, Harry in July 2010 and lived the best life with him in Fairplay, CO. Then Harry fell ill and had to go into a skilled care facility. My immediate family, Nell, Scott, Lelia, Griffin, Ashley, Scott and grand-son Jackson, kept me at their condo in Snowmass, CO.  Life was good and I got to go see my Dad, but the condo ordinance said families could only have one dog. When it was determined my Dad wasn’t getting out, Nell thought of Bill and Marge would give me a job and a great home! So it was decided that I would move to MT in August!  I loved having so many other furry kids to herd around, to go to work with them and keep everyone in line. I traveled with Bill and Marge, and even got to see my Dad Harry again in October before he passed. Everything was great until I started gaining weight and not feeling quite myself. I had a tumor on the spleen that turned out to be the “C” word. Gramma Sandi cooked a special diet for me, and I took herbs, but I finally didn’t have any more strength to maneuver. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 30th and the first person I saw was my Dad Harry with open arms. My friend Roxy was there, and she introduced me to Pooch and all the others. It was a glorious day!